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Australian Premiere

The Invisible Guest

Oriol Paulo follows up his acclaimed The Body (SFF13), with a thriller that showcases his mastery of shifting truths as a young businessman faces a lawyer trying to prove his innocence in a murder case.

Adrián Doria (Mario Casas, The Bar SFF17, Witching and Bitching SFF14), has just been named Man of the Year for his work at a prestigious tech company. At the top of his game in both his professional and personal life, his life is thrown into chaos when he awakens after being struck in the head and finds his lover dead in the bathroom. To complicate matters, the hotel room is locked from the inside and there isn’t any way in or out of the room.

Adrián turns to Spain’s best defence lawyer, Virginia Goodman (Ana Wagener, Hidden Away SFF15) and the pair race against the clock in order to construct his defence. Reluctant to share the details of his affair, Goodman must carefully manipulate the truth out of Doria and their face-to-faces as they circle the truth make up some of the film’s truly memorable moments.

Director: Oriol Paulo
Cast: Mario Casas, Bárbara Lennie, Francesc Orella, Ana Wagener, José Coronado
Spanish with English subtitles
Tense (TENSE!) right up to the end.
NOMINATED: Best Editing, Gaudi Awards, 2017
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Fantastic Fest, 2016