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Reel Español
Australian Premiere

Spain in a Day

The companion piece to Ridley Scott’s celebrated Life In a Day (2011), Spain in a Day is filmmaker Isabel Coixet’s contribution to the series with everyday life in Spain, a filmed time-capsule that joins the likes of Britain in a Day (2012), Japan in a Day (2012), Italy in a Day (2014) and India in a Day (2016).

On 24th October 2015, over 22,000 Spaniards recorded snippets from their day and then sent these contributions to Coixet and her production team, who painstakingly whittled the list down to around 400. What results is an inspiring snapshot of Spain made by the Spanish for the Spanish but equally as intoxicating for those whom the Iberian way of life holds a sense of wonder and fascination.

From rooftop musical performances, dance classes, children chasing sunbeams, birthday celebrations, lifeguards saving refugees in the Mediterranean and simple kitchen cooking, Spain in a Day is an extraordinary sample of the joys, sorrows, hopes, fears and the mundane, set to the music of Alberto Iglesias.

Perfect for kids learning Spanish, contact us to make a school group booking.

Director: Isabel Coixet
Spanish with English subtitles
An emotional and visually striking film that will make you smile.