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Australian Premiere


Imagine being eight years old and getting your first glimpse of a world that exists beyond poverty, violence, war and oppressive hopelessness? This is the context in which Félix Colomer Vallès’ Sasha tenderly documents the metamorphosis of a child.

As the archetypal ‘mischievous’ boy, soccer-obsessed Sasha lives in the Ukraine with his mother and five brothers and sisters. As part of an NGO exchange program, he is invited to spend a summer with a wealthy foster family in the opulence of their Mediterranean Catalunyan lifestyle. Removed from his everyday world of crippling destitution and the looming shadow of the Ukranian/Russian civil war, the people Sasha meets, the personalities he encounters and the differing philosophies to which he is exposed significantly impact on this young, impressionable mind.

Lovingly photographed to highlight the clash of cultures, Sasha is a multi-layered, multi-perspective approach to the impact of the exchange program, particularly detailing the effects on the boy’s biological mother, Olga, and foster carer, Rosa. This is an experience reminiscent of Michael Apted’s seminal Seven Up! series.

All sessions of Sasha will be preceded by the short film Sleepover by Susana Casares .

Director: Fèlix Colomer Vallès
Cast: Sasha Smushlavic, Olga Smushlavic, Rosa Fernandez
Catalan and Russian with English subtitles
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Guadalajara International Film Festival, 2017