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Opening Night
Australian Premiere
Kiki, El Amor Se Hace

Kiki, Love to Love

Is it just us or is it hot in here? A scorching summer heatwave intensifies the desires of a collection of Madrid lovers in this playful, provocative and award-winning comedy that became a massive sleeper hit at the Spanish box office in 2016. Across five separate stories, Kiki: Love to Love’s charismatic characters all share one thing in common: an unusual impulse that they are unable to suppress. Determined to shed the self-imposed inhibitions prompted by their desires, these madrileños embark on a hilarious series of adventures in which no pleasure can – nor will – be denied.

Freely adapted from Josh Lawson’s The Little Death, the Aussie source proves to be a perfect match for the handsome, adorable and slightly daffy persona of Goya-nominated writer/director and star, Paco León (SFF13 favourite Carmina or Blow Up). But his stylish injection of Latino spirit and an Almodóvar-esque blending of comedy and pathos makes the film irresistibly unique – in no small way thanks to his talented ensemble of Spain’s brightest young actors, including Candela Peña and this year’s festival guest Natalia de Molina (Living is Easy with Eyes Closed SFF14).

PLEASE NOTE: Due to provocative scenes of a sexual nature, the film is not appropriate for viewers under 18.

Director: Paco León
Cast: Natalia de Molina, Álex García, Paco León, Belén Cuesta, Ana Katz, Candela Peña, Alexandra Jiménez, Luis Callejo
Spanish with English subtitles
An upbeat, vibrant crowd-pleaser. Sexy, daring, transgressive (and) hilarious.
WINNER: Best Comedy Film, Feroz Awards, 2017
NOMINATED: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Song, Best New Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Goya Awards 2017