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Reel Español
Australian Premiere

Heroes Wanted

A lost atomic bomb buried on the beach of Palomares has been stolen; the highly skilled agents who were attempting to recover it have perished. Our only hope now lies in a team of, well, let’s just call them less-skilled agents. A secret elite corps is assembled from various regions of Spain, among them a Madrid traffic cop, an insufferable Catalonian, a Basque brute, a member of Andalusia’s Civil Guard and an arrogant Ecuadorian immigrant who is a member of the Spanish Legion. Now mankind’s future is in the hands of a motley crew of defenders who individually might be the most bumbling heroes imaginable, but collectively will rise to the occasion. Or anyway, you know, that’s the idea. Fingers crossed!

From the writers of Ghost Graduation (Promoción fantasma) and starring María León (Carmina y Amén SFF15), Miki Esparbé (Barcelona, Christmas Night SFF16) and Carlos Areces (Spy Time SFF16), this anti-hero tale plays on Spanish regional differences in a secret agent spoof that landed a spot at the Spanish box office as the third highest grossing film of 2016.

Director: Joaquín Mazón
Cast: María León, Miki Esparbé, Jordi Sánchez, Sílvia Abril, Carlos Areces, Vicente Romero
Spanish with English subtitles
A hilarious and frenetic action comedy.