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Australian Premiere

At Your Doorstep

At a time when La La Land has reopened the world’s eyes again to the musical in film form, writer-director Eduard Cortés enjoys his own fair share of the Spanish-language awards and accolades with his musical, At Your Doorstep. But far from presenting froth and daydreams, this film stays rooted in social realism; a musical by way of Ken Loach.

It is the Global Financial Crisis and the explosion of Spain’s housing bubble. Sonia (Silvia Pérez Cruz) and her husband, Dani (Ivan Massagué, Pan’s Labyrinth), move with their 10-year-old daughter into the home of Sonia’s parents when they are unable to make mortgage payments. However, with such a move comes its own set of problems.

The lack of space, absence of privacy, the couple’s crumbling self-esteem and a mother (Adriana Ozores) who believes her daughter’s financial failings have brought shame on the family underpin a story that, unfortunately, continues to resonate. The singing comes as an expression of pent-up emotion rather than offering cinematic relief from the pressures of this family’s travails.

Director: Eduard Cortés
Cast: Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Adriana Ozores, Lluís Homar, Ivan Massagué, Manuel Morón
Spanish and Catalan with English Subtitles
Sensitive and honest.
WINNER: Best Music, Málaga Spanish Film Festival, 2016
WINNER: Best Original Score, Gaudí Awards 2017
WINNER: Best Original Song, Goya Awards, 2016
NOMINATED: Best New Actress (Sílvia Pérez Cruz), Goya Awards, 2016