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Australian Premiere

A Stroke of Luck

This enjoyable and tongue-in-cheek comedy is amusingly based on actual events and was the second-biggest Spanish release of the year in 2016. Luck seems to be smiling on the nearly bankrupt small-town of Villaviciosa de al Lado when a group of local men win the lottery. With the town’s one claim to fame – a two hundred- year-old spa - on the verge of closure, the winning ticket could be the salvation the town desperately needs.

The win turns out to cause more problems than it solves because the men bought the winning ticket at the local brothel and can’t cash it in without their wives discovering they’d been there! With all eyes on the men and the national news in town to interview them, the hapless lot try to solve their predicament by hatching a plan to steal the money from the brothel’s ruthless owner Mari (Carmen Machi, Spanish Affair SFF15).

This juicy new comedy from Nacho G. Velilla (To Hell with the Ugly, SFF09) showcases his flair for blending laugh-out-loud physical comedy with observational humour with a cast that includes the best of the current panorama of Spanish comedy actors.

Director: Nacho G. Velilla
Cast: Carmen Machi, Macarena García, Carmen Ruiz, Carlos Santos, Belén Cuesta, Antonio Pagudo, Arturo Valls
Spanish with English subtitles
A dynamic, fun movie.