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Reel Flamenco
Australian Premiere

13. Miguel Poveda

A profile of one of flamenco’s most popular vocalists, 13. Miguel Poveda tracks the lead up to a one-off live concert to mark Miguel’s 25th year at the height of public adoration. Through Paco Ortiz’s roaming cameras, we’re provided with an access-all-areas ticket behind-the-scenes of this flamboyant gala event, as well as a candid insight into Poveda’s off-stage persona.

In this documentary, both fans and other stars – including Joan Manuel Serrat, Ana Belén and María Dolores Pradera – tip their hat to a charismatic and prodigious flamenco talent, celebrating a man who sings with such emotion there is no equal.

Director: Paco Ortiz
Cast: Miguel Poveda, Joan Albert Amargós, Ana Belén, Manuel Carrasco
Spanish with English subtitles
NOMINATED: Best Documentary, José María Forqué Award, 2016
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Málaga Film Festival, 2015